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Best handheld sewing machine

In the current state of the world, knowing how to make a quick homemade mask is essential. But not everyone owns a sewing machine or is an expert in how to use one.

Step forward the handheld sew machine.

In this article, I will be talking all about handheld sewing machines: what they are, why you need one, and what to look out for when buying one. Most importantly though, there is a list of the best hand sewing machines on the market and a quick review on each product, giving you all the information you need to make the right purchase for you.

What is a handheld sewing machine?

A handheld sewing machine, also sometimes called a handheld hemming machine or hand stitching machine is exactly what it sounds like. They are small versions of a normal sewing machine, able to hold in one hand and portable, easy to use, and capable of doing an easy stitch and simple mending jobs.

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In a rush? Here is our best rated handheld sewing machine

Why we rate this the best handheld sewing machine

  • Lightweight and easy to carry out in a bag or purse, in case you need to make quick repairs when you are out and about.

  • Perfect for people wanting to try out sewing without breaking the bank.

  • Easy to use and old needs 4 aa batteries to power the machine.

  • Capable of handling most types of fabric, including denim.

  • The instructions are clear will have you setting up the needle threader and mending small repairs in no time.

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This is rated our best value for money handheld sewing machine

What you need to know

  • Suitable for most lightweight fabrics, including denim, leather, and curtains.

  • A handy gadget that comes with several accessories, including a sewing needle and threader, and is ideal for kids to learn some basic sewing.

  • Compact and lightweight, able to fit in one hand. Can be used on the go, just needing 4 aa batteries to power it.

  • The smaller size means greater control as you sew, producing high-quality repairs without needing to buy a top of the range sewing machine.

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The best of the rest

What you need to know

  • Pre-threaded and ready to use so the perfect product for beginner sewers. It also comes with instructions to help you with a quick set up.

  • Reasonable price makes this item value for money and a perfect gift for anyone interested in crafts and DIY.

  • Capable of handling various types of fabric with a thickness up to 1.8mm.

  • Portable and is powered by 4 aa batteries, so can be put in a bag and used outside of the house.

  • Comes with accessories including an extra needle and extra bobbins with thread.

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What you need to know

  • This product is small enough to fit in your hand, giving you even greater control as you stitch and sew.

  • Cordless and battery-powered, so it will work just as well outside the house as in.

  • Product made from a high-quality ABS material, ensuring durability.

  • Reasonably priced and good value for money, making it an ideal gift to buy for kids and those interested in DIY crafts.

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What you need to know

  • Extremely lightweight and portable sewing handheld machine.

  • Suitable to sew many different fabrics, including wool, silk, clothing, and denim. Can stitch and sew without taking of the item of clothing you are working on.

  • Unlike other machines, this brand comes with accessories that include mask rope and nose bridges, so you can make masks for yourself and other people.

  • Can either be powered by batteries or a 6v power supply.

  • User-friendly design, built with 4 thread set points, providing a better sewing experience.

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What you need to know

  • This item made from high-quality plastic and metal parts for durability and long life.

  • Simple to set up and easy to use on a quick stitch, so you’ll find yourself mending clothes and fabrics rather than replacing them.

  • Lightweight and portable, easy to carry around with you.

  • This brand prides itself on customer service, so you can reach them 24 hours a day, whatever the problem with the product.

  • Instructions are simple to follow, even for a sewing novice.

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What you need to know

  • Cordless sew quick machine that is easy to operate and carry.

  • Ideal product for beginners to practice how to stitch and sew.

  • All the accessories come in a handy zip-up case so you can take the machine with you anywhere.

  • Suitable for craft, patchwork embroidery, and capable of handling any type of fabric.

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What you need to know

  • This product is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and carry around in a bag, so you can take it anywhere.

  • Perfect for novices and smaller children to work on their sewing or DIY crafts projects.

  • Suitable for fabrics, including silk, denim, wool, and drapes.

  • Easy to use, is automatic moving and be powered by battery or with a power supply.

  • Comes with accessories, including scissors, thread and a handy tape measure.

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What you need to know

  • Cordless and portable sleek design make this product perfect for making alterations and mending clothes on the go.

  • Works on any type of material as long as the thickness does not exceed 1.8mm.

  • A single thread machine so you do have to tie the knot yourself.

  • Can be battery-powered or plugged into a power adaptor, depending on where and when you need to sew quick.

  • With this machine, you can still have your clothes on whilst mending them.

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What you need to know

  • Portable and incredibly practical sew quick machine that is lightweight and ideal gift smaller children and those people who are just getting into sewing.

  • Its size makes it convenient for out of house use, so you can fix mends wherever you are or kids can work on craft projects in the car.

  • The small size means that it is really easy to control, giving you the best results.

  • Suitable on any materials, whether you are using it on clothes or drape curtains.

  • The needle is easily replaced and all the steps are laid out clearly in the instructions that this machine comes with.

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What you need to know

  • The small, ergonomic design means it fits in one hand and is perfect for travel use if any fashion mishaps befall you.

  • This machine is suitable for most materials and fabrics with a thickness under 1.8mm.

  • Only needs 4 aa batteries to power it, and it comes with a manual so all you need to do is press the power switch, lay it on a flat surface and the machine will do the rest.

  • Comes with several accessories, including 8 color threads, scissors, and a tape measure.

  • The brand prides itself on a quality guarantee, offering a 360-day exchange policy if you find anything wrong with the product.

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Who would use a hand sewing machine?

A handheld sewing machine is perfect for anyone who has ever needed to make small repairs due to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. They are less complicated and easy to get the hang of compared to a full-size sewing machine and are extremely handy to carry around.

Quick sewing machines are a perfect stepping stone to become more of a sewing hobbyist, they all come in at an affordable price, giving you time to work on your skills with smaller projects without going out to buy some expensive piece of equipment.

What features to look for when buying a handheld sewing machine

When looking for the best handheld sewing machine, make sure you consider these things before you buy:

1 – Portability

The whole point of these machines is that they can be used to fix something in a pinch. You want to find a sewing machine that can be stored away, is easy to travel with, and doesn’t take four people to carry.

2 – Ease of Use

In some cases, maybe yours, handheld sewing machines are purchased with the intention of learning to sew. They are a good option to take the first step towards sewing and stitching. If the machine you decide on has a steep learning curve and the instructions are hard to get your head around, then maybe you made the wrong choice.

Make sure that the option you go for is easy to get the hang of and doesn’t require a degree to operate.

3 – Durability

Whilst you may be using the machine only for quick uses, these will start to add up over time. When browsing you need to make sure your choice is made of durable materials and can last a long time.

These sorts of products come reasonably priced, but you don’t want to have to buy a new one every couple of months because the previous one keeps breaking.

4 – Fabric Suitability

Make sure that the machine you go for is capable of handling the types of fabric you intend to work on. These machines are better suited to lightweight fabrics and can only handle material up to a certain thickness. If you plan on using a sewing machine handheld to do more than fix a tear or make a face mask, then you might want to invest in a full size, full price machine.

5 – Budget

As I’ve said before, these machines are reasonably priced across the board, but it never hurts to be diligent and save money where you can. Times are hard at the moment, and a little saving can often go a long way.

What does a cheap quick sewing machine cost?

If you have on eye on price when looking for a sewing machine, my best suggestion for you is the FIFADE Mini Handheld Sewing Machine.

This product is very reasonably priced in a budget-conscious market and people in reviews have waxed lyrical on its size, easy use, and durability.

Below is a link to the product and more information on the features the product has to offer.

What does the best handheld sewing machine cost?

Though it was a close call, after considering all the options, the best available handheld sewing machine in the list is the FIFADE Portable Sewing Machine.

This company clearly knows what they are doing when it comes to handheld sewing machines. For just a little more cash than the cheaper option, you get a much better product. It has garnered near-universal praise with people paying particular attention to its ease of use, compact design, and portability.

For more information on this product and a link to its page then keep scrolling to find a detailed rundown of this and other options.

A useful video for you

Want to learn more? Well here is a useful video that provides you with more useful information when looking to make a purchase.

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Outside of her sewing and knitting Kirsty has three beautiful girls and any spare time she has is taken up with them.

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