Meet the team

We are a small team here at Sewing & Knitting, but you can read a little bit about us below and how we started.   

If you would like to contact us, you can reach us on:

Mary Kirkpatrick

Hello, my name is Mary and I am the proud owner of Sewing Knitting. 

The idea for this website came about when I was trying to find a starter sewing machine for one of my girls. I searched online and there was nothing that gave me what I needed.

So, I decided that I would create something that help other moms in my situation.  My dream is to grow this website and become one of the sites you come to time and again.  

I have been passionate about sewing ever since I helped my grandma sew a scarf at the age of 4.  It’s something I’ve loved since I was. little girl and  one of the highlights of my life was winning first prize in a competition to knit a Christmas jumper for charity.

Outside of sewing and knitting, I have three beautiful girls and any spare time I have is taken up with them.  

I hope you like my site 🙂

You can email me on

Helen Curran

Hello, my name is Helen and I have been supporting my friend Mary, with the writing of content for this site.

I have been a passionate reader and writer from a young age and recently completed my course in English language and literature. This combined with my passion for sewing made it a very easy decision when Mary asked me to help her write for her.  

I hope you like m articles and I look forward to writing many more over the coming years.   

Email me on

Ruth Hopkins

Hello, my name is Ruth and I am a freelance writer with a passion for arts and crafts.

When Mary asked me if I was interested in writing for her site I jumped at the chance.  After all, who wouldn’t like to write about something they love doing.

In particular I have spent a lot of time reviewing and reading about sewing machines, so I hope you like my articles about them.