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Best scissor sharpener

A blunt or dull blade is dangerous because it requires more pressure and is more likely to slip out of your grasp and cause an injury. This article contains information about a tool that might help you with this problem.

This article covers:

  • What a scissor sharpener is and who would use one
  • What features to look for when buying scissors sharpeners
  • How much different sharpeners for scissors cost
  • A discussion of fifteen of the best scissor sharpening tools

What is a scissor sharpener?

As the name might suggest, a scissor sharpener is a tool which hones scissor blades which have become dull or blunt with use. There are both specialised machines for sharpening scissors and multi-purpose machines which are also suitable for knives, shears and gardening tools.

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Our Number 1, and best rated, scissor sharpener

Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener

Why we rate this the best scissor sharpener

  • This sharpener is built for both excellent performance and durability.

  • This sharpener is not just for your work table. It is compact enough that it can be taken along when you go camping or hiking.

  • They are not only scissors sharpeners for scissors but are perfect for gardening and pruning tools.

  • It is easy to use to use this tool to sharpen your scissors: it has a comfortable hand-held grip.

  • If you need to make sure that your scissors are as sharp as a razor edge when on the go, you can tuck this tool into your belt and wear it.

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This is rated our best value for money scissor sharpener

Fiskars Desktop Scissors Sharpener

What you need to know

  • This scissors sharpener is adaptable: it can be used with left handed and right handed scissors.

  • The scissors sharpener restores blades to their former razor sharpness.

  • The product is not for knife sharpening. But it is an excellent choice for narrower pairs of scissors that have become dull.

  • It has a conveniently compact design. As a result, it is easy to use and store.

  • You need only pass the scissors through the sharpener 4 or 5 times for them to feel like new scissors again.

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The best of the rest

Diamond Tungsten Sharpener

What you need to know

  • You won’t need to buy a sharpening stone because this sharpener is highly effective.

  • The product is favoured by many chefs who keep it by the hob in their kitchen to sharpen their knives.

  • But the product is actually a knife and scissors sharpener. It even has a slot to straighten damaged blades.

  • The model can accommodate serrations if you have a pair of scissors with a jagged edge.

  • Reviewers describe this as one of the best Scissor sharpeners as it is cost effective and makes the sharpening process very efficient.

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SHARPAL Scissors Sharpener

What you need to know

  • If safety is a priority for you, this scissors sharpener comes with a suction base to guarantee the stability of the sharpener while it is in use.

  • The small size of the sharpener means that it won’t take up too much room in your kitchen.

  • While the sharpener doesn’t have a lifetime warranty, it is guaranteed for up to three years.

  • The sharpener has tungsten carbide blades which make it easy to use because it is so quick to sharpen a blade.

  • The sharpener has a pre-set optimal sharpening angle. It also works for ceramic knives.

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4-Stage Scissors and Knife Sharpener

What you need to know

  • The sharpener includes a tungsten steel grinding slot for all kinds of scissors.

  • It includes a slot made of diamond abrasives so that the sharpener can repair and straighten dull and damaged knives.

  • The sharpener is perfect for home use and will ensure that your knife scissors retain a quality sharpness.

  • This knife and scissors sharpener is incredibly easy to use. The knife or scissors can be sharpened with just five to eight pulls.

  • The sharpener includes a non-slip cushion at its base so it can sit stably on a countertop and users can avoid nicks.

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TANSUNG Knife Sharpener

What you need to know

  • This three in one sharpener will elevate your household scissors and knives to a state of perfection. 

  • One of the advantages of this sharpener is that it is suitable for a range of knives. Its versatility allows for the maintenance of straight knives, hunting knives, pocket knives and butcher’s knives.

  • It is also a scissor sharpener. You can adjust the blade angle from 14 to 24 degree so that the machine can sharpen scissor blades of different sizes, thickness and edges. 

  • The scissors sharpener fits all hands whether you are right handed or left handed and can be used for right or left handed scissors.

  • The manufacturer emphasizes that this model is ideal for scissors sharpening in a number of contexts. Whether you are camping or need to maintain your sewing kit, this purchase will keep your blades sharp.

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Sync Living Knife and Scissor Sharpener

What you need to know

  • This scissors sharpener features a rod for straightening damaged blades, a slot that sharpens knives so that they have a pointed tip and a third slot which fine tunes the knife.

  • The knife sharpener comes with a non-slip rubber base so that customers do not cut themselves with the knife or pair of scissors. 

  • The scissor sharpener is crafted from solid plastic, making it strong and durable.

  • This is one of the best scissor sharpeners as it comes with a cut resistant glove.

  • Marketed as a professional scissor sharpener, this product is suited to professionals and less experienced customers alike.

  • The tool is ideal for use in the home and will ensure that your knives and scissors are in perfect condition.

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Wamery Knife Scissors Sharpener

What you need to know

  • With four sharpening stages on offer, this is about as comprehensive as a sharpening system can be.

  • One stage makes sure that your scissors lose their dullness every time. The others have different functions: one sharpens a knife coarsely, another finely and the third is for ceramic knives.

  • This professional scissors sharpening system has been used by expert chefs on television.

  • It has an ergonomic rubber handle for ease of use.

  • A user can feel at ease with these tools from the outset. There are clear instructions and a demonstration video for your convenience. 

  • You need only pass the scissors through the sharpener a handful of times for them to feel like new scissors again.

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4-Stage Sharpening System

What you need to know

  • The non-slip base makes this a safe sharpening system brand. You will need very little practice before feeling comfortable putting the sharpener for scissors to use.

  • These sharp scissor sharpeners are easily cleaned so that you will be able to use them for as long as possible.

  • The scissor sharpening tool arrives with a pair of free cut-resistance gloves so is good value for money.

  • The sharpening system has multiple slots to guarantee razor sharp scissors and blades. These include a diamond slot for blunted blades and a ceramic rod or slot for exact grinding.

  • The machine doesn’t accommodate serrated blades but works very well on a straight pair of scissors.

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Yixian Knife Sharpener

What you need to know

  • This high quality product will deliver good results in a short period of time. If you want to know how to sharpen scissors, you can insert the blade into the machine between 7-10 times and find that your blade is as good as new.

  • The carbide blades are very helpful for repairing blunt knives and restoring their cutting edge .

  • The ceramic rod has another purpose: it has the ability to polish your blades.

  • If you are looking for how to sharpen a scissors with ease and simplicity, this machine would be a reliable addition to your sewing kit.

  • Customers comment on the durability and sturdiness of the sharpener.

  • If safety is a priority for you, this scissors tool comes with a non-slip base to guarantee the stability of the tool while it is in use.

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Fiskars SewSharp Scissors Sharpener

What you need to know

  • The plastic slots on this machine ensure proper positioning as you pass a blade through the machine, reducing pressure on its structure.

  • The design is for right handed scissors and includes a lifetime warranty.

  • If you engage in a lot of craft works, these scissors will be indispensable. They are also suitable for office scissors.

  • You need only pass the scissors through the tool 5-10 times for them to regain their original sharpness.

  • Customers recommend bracing the sharpener against a table for better control.

  • The dimensions of the product suit someone looking for a compact design at a low price.

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Bosmere Scissor Sharpener

What you need to know

  • The leading UK consumer testing organization nominated this product as a worthwhile purchase. 

  • The tool has a tungsten carbide block which makes it easy to use because it is so quick to sharpen a blade.

  • This product will restore a sharp edge to large industrial style scissors and shears.

  •  A wavy-edged pair of hedge shears can be transformed after just six to eight passes through the sharpener.

  • This product is excellent value for money and easy to use.

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Work Sharp Tool Sharpener

What you need to know

  • The tool comes with a scissor guide which provides you with directions and information for securing a sharp scissor solution .

  • The guide is designed for common “household” size scissors. This category includes kitchen and shop shears.

  • This electric scissor sharpener also allows you to grind and repair damaged scissor blades.

  • Belt replacement is often a major concern as scissors sharpeners can dull over time. Replacement belts for this sharpener can be easily sourced.

  • The machine is very quick and accurate when put to use.

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Chef’s Choice 500 Scissorpro

What you need to know

  • The machine sharpens both right and left handed scissors.

  • It is a convenient option because you don’t need to disassemble the scissors to sharpen them.

  • This is a sharp scissor machine with many purposes. It caters for sewing, kitchen and crafts scissors.

  • It sharpens both conventional and knife edge scissors.

  • The 100% diamond abrasives will leave your blades in an excellent state.

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SHARPAL Multi-Sharpener

What you need to know

  • This machine comes with a finger guard to protect your hands from the blades, making it less likely that you will get cut.
  • The grip handle is oversized so you will be able to use the machine while wearing gloves.
  • It is an extremely versatile machine, able to sharpen and hone both single and double beveled blades.
  • You should encounter no problem with the longevity of this machine. All sharpening abrasive materials have passed 10,000 times field use test.
  • The sharpener has a 3 year long warranty.

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Who would use a scissor sharpener machine?

When conducting your research, you might see the word ‘professional’ before a particular scissor sharpener. This is a good indication that the professional shear sharpener is meant for larger industrial tools and may also be more expensive.

But many of the scissor sharpeners that are available on the internet are easy to use and not very costly. They also don’t take up a lot of space.

This makes them suitable for anyone who uses blades in their work. A knife scissors tool could be used by a chef, seamstress, gardener or anyone that has a pair of household or office scissors.

A scissors sharpener machine is ultimately a means of saving money and cutting down on waste. Rather than throwing away a blunt knife or pair of scissors, you can endow it with several more years of life.

What features to look for when buying a scissor sharpener?

Carbide blades

Carbide is a carbon compound. Carbide blades are used to sharpen steel because they do not wear it out too quickly.

Knife or scissors

If you are only looking for a sharp scissor machine, it is probably not worth buying a system which includes multiple belts and blocks that are used specifically for knife blades.

Right handed

It is a wise idea to check if the scissor tool is compatible with both right handed scissors and those for lefties if you need to sharpen both kinds of scissors.

What do cheap scissor sharpeners cost?  

If you are on a budget, you can get a cheap scissor sharpener for around 5 dollars.

What does the best scissor sharpener cost?

The best scissors sharpeners cost between 10 and 15 dollars.

A useful video for you

Want to learn more? Well here is a useful video that provides you with more useful information when looking to make a purchase.

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