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Best sewing chair

When sewing, most users would prefer to focus on the task at hand rather than struggling to find a comfortable position. 

This article will discuss fifteen of the best sewing chairs available online. It also includes information about:

  • What a sewing chair is and who would use one
  • Features to look for when buying a chair
  • How much different chair options cost
  • The correct height for a sewing table

What is a sewing chair? 

A sewing chair is a chair which is at an appropriate height to fit under a sewing table, usually without your legs coming into contact with the underside of the table.

If you will be sewing for long periods at a time, a light weight sewing chair should be supportive, comfortable and should not obstruct the sewing and cutting processes.

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Our Number 1, and best rated, sewing chair

Hbada Sewing Chair

Why we rate this the best sewing chair

  • The chair is built to accommodate a range of users, whatever their size. It has a large weight capacity of 250 pounds.

  • The back of the chair is made out of mesh, contributing to a breathable design and equipping it with a supportive flexibility.

  • These sewing machine chairs are designed to provide a comfortable experience for the back. Their ergonomic back moulds to the natural curve of the lumbar region.

  • The caster wheels of the chair ensure that it can move around the room quickly and with minimal noise.

  • The product has a simple, elegant design which suits a range of interior design styles.

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This is rated our best value for money sewing chair

Boss Office Sewing Chair

What you need to know

  • This chair for sewing has a durable 100% Polypropylene tweed upholstery which suits a range of colour schemes and home furnishings.

  • The armless design of the chair is for the convenience of sewists: armrests won’t get in the way of their elbows.

  • The chair boasts lumbar or lower back support, relieving aches in your seat and back while you are cutting and crafting.

  • The seat dimensions are optimal for just about any body size: it measures 17-1/2 inches wide by 25 inches deep with a 35-to-40-inch overall chair height.

  • The swivel seat accommodates even more than 250 pounds in weight, with an upper limit of 275 pounds.

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The best of the rest

Boss Office Be Well Sewing Chair

What you need to know

  • This chair for sewing is very easy to assemble. Customers assert that it can be put together in less than five minutes.

  • The chair has a low back, allowing for mobility at your desk. You can perform lower body twists and other exercises while cutting or engaging in others tasks in your craft room at the same time.

  • The curve of the chair suits the shape of the lower back, providing perfect lumbar support.

  • The back seat has a substantial weight capacity (250 lbs).

  • The base of the chair has a classy, appealing chrome finish.

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Amazonbasics Low Back Sewing Chair

What you need to know

  • These sewing chairs are so comfortable and dependable that they have been certified by the BIFMA furniture association.

  • The dimensions of the chair will suit just about any body size: the width, depth and height measure 21.5 x 22.5 x 21.5 x 30.5-34.5 inches.

  • This has been called the best chair by users because of its padded seat which relieves pressure on the buttocks.

  • The chair offers a professional look and comes in a range of color options.

  • It does not have a mesh seat but its mesh back is perfect for maximum support and breathability while you are in your sewing room.

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What you need to know

  • These sewing chairs come on a set of durable wheels, so you will be able to roll from your one working space to another without any issues.

  • The product is also an office chair and will add a splash of bright colour to any home office.

  • The lumbar support back seat will offer lumbar support with its contoured back and padded cushions.

  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • The adjustability of this chair is extremely convenient. Whatever the height of your sewing tables, you can alter the position and measurements of the chair to suit it.

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HON ValuTask Low Back Task Chair

What you need to know

  • These sewing chairs are covered in a mesh fabric, contributing to a breathable design that will keep you cool while you work with your sewing machines.

  • There is no need to worry about lumbar support or lower back support because this chair can be easily adjusted so that the recliner suits you.

  • The back cushion for this comfortable chair is padded to ensure maximum productivity while you are in your sewing room.

  • The chair has appropriate dimensions for people of most sizes: the seat depth is 18 inches and width is 20 inches.

  • The chair comes with pneumatic height adjustment so it can adjust to the height of your sewing table or computer screen.

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OFM Essentials Collection Armless Chair

What you need to know

  • The wide seat of the chair is perfect for those who prefer a little extra space.

  • With its faux leather material, the chair is efficient and easy to clean.

  • The seat cushions of the office chair are padded enough to alleviate back aches and fatigue but not so soft that you feel utterly unsupported.

  • The simple, stylish design and shape of the lumbar support back seat make for an elegant, versatile purchase and an attractive addition to your work space.

  • These sewing chairs with back support provide relaxation and ease because of their ergonomic design.

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Topline Adjustable Stool Chair with Foot Rest

What you need to know

  • These chairs for sewing include caster wheels which ensure that it can move around the room quickly and with very little noise.

  • This  seat height of this ergonomic sewing chair can be adjusted within a 4 inch vertical range.

  • The chair has a classy, appealing chrome finish for those who value aesthetics.

  • The chair swivels, turns and rotates, making it perfect for anyone who needs to move around from one workstation to another while they are working.

  • While the chair rolls very easily on hard floors, for maximum stability it should be deployed on carpet.

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Reliable SewErgo Ergonomic Task Chair

What you need to know

  • These chairs for sewing have a contoured cushion to alleviate the pressure points.

  • Customers report that the chair is heavy duty in the sense that it is not at all rickety. Rather, it is robust and has excellent durability.

  • The pneumatic seat can be adjusted to change the height from 16 to 21 inches tall. lumbar support back back 

  • The chair is comfortable to sit on for long stretches of time, avoiding placing stress on the muscles in your legs.

  • The work chair does not have arms so your mobility will not be compromised when you are sewing in your workspace.

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FRNIAMC Ergonomic Saddle Stool

What you need to know

  • If you are searching for chairs designed to provide freedom and relaxation while you work with your Singer sewing machine, look no further.

  • The chair has a maximum load capacity of 350 pounds, which is very high. This means that it will offer comfort to sewing enthusiasts of any size.

  • The seat height of the chair is adjustable. You can adjust the height for different users.

  • The back of the desk chair has an ergonomic saddle shape. It stops your back from slouching, resulting in an upright sitting posture.

  • It has sturdy legs and a well-balanced star base.

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Boss Office Products Ergonomic Chair

What you need to know

  • This thick padded ergonomic chair is designed to reduce your back pains because it is contoured.

  • The height of the back seat can be altered with the pneumatic gas lift.

  • The chair is available in materials of four different colors.

  •  The chair has double wheel casters that provide a means of allowing you to move around and swivel.

  • The chrome foot ring for this task chair is strong and provides a classy finishing touch.

  • The assembly instructions for this adjustable chair are easy to follow.

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Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair

What you need to know

  • This is the best sewing machine chair with design elements for those who are planning to spend long hours at work.

  • Its ergonomics include a breathable material, a lumbar support seat and height adjustment that can be achieved with one touch of the control knob/adjustment knob.

  • The mobility of the chair is excellent whether you are moving over carpeted or hardwood floors.

  • You have the option of ordering these office chairs in four different colors so that they will match the rest of your office furniture.

  • Most office chairs offer height adjustment. But the armrests of this chair also have an adjustable height.

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Boss Office Products Mesh Back Task Chair

What you need to know

  • The chair back seat height comes with pneumatic seat height adjustment.

  • This lightweight sewing chair comes in a funky pink mesh fabric.

  • This is one of the best chairs for sewing projects because it has pewter finished loops arms that can support your elbows and shoulders while you are in a fixed sewing posture.

  • As well as an adjustable seat lever, the arm height for this craft chair can be adjusted from between 26 and 30 inches in height.

  • Customers report that this heavy duty chair can be used for long hours.

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Modern High-Back Mesh Executive Chair

What you need to know

  • This is one of the best sewing chairs because the chair comes with a tension control knob.

  • It includes built in lumbar support though the support back is not an adjustable back.

  • The seat size and seat width can accommodate someone who weighs 220 pounds.

  • The wheels at the feet of the chair movement across different sewing floor types.

  • Its high quality features such as thick padded seat cushion and armrests reduce stress and strain e.g. mid back pain and provide cushioning.

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BTExpert Swivel Mid Back Task Chair

What you need to know

  • The seat cushion for this chair is made of foam. The cushion padding changes shape according to the movement and curves of your body.

  • The top seat fabric is soft and comfortable to sit on. You will also not need any special tools to clean it

  • The ergonomic design promotes good blood circulation, backrest and relieves pressure on your spine and thighs.

  • The armless design, ergonomic back angle and back height and range of heights available are ideal for completing sewing projects

  • The contemporary design of this chair puts other brands to shame. It combines good construction with sleek finishes.

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Who would use sewing chairs? 

Sewing chairs are a good option for someone that uses a sewing machine for multiple projects or for longer periods of time.

They are a good option for someone who needs back support and rest as well as a chair with a decent back depth while they sew.

On the other hand, many office chairs double as sewing chairs so they are a sensible purchase for anyone who also uses a home office.

What features to look for when buying a chair for sewing? 

Back support 

Some chairs include back support. This could be a chair that is ergonomically structured to support the natural curve of the spine. 

It could mean a chair with contoured padding which adjusts to the curve of your back. Or some chairs have a firm, supportive chair back that encourages you to sit in a straight, upright position.

Pneumatic adjustment

This feature allows you to alter the height of the sewing seat based on your height and height of your sewing table.

Sewing machine chair with storage seat

These chairs have a hollow which provides a space for you to store fabric and sewing tools.

What does a cheap sewing chair cost?

If you have a budget, there is some good news: there are some good value sewing chairs available at lower prices. They tend to have a price tag of around 35 to 55 dollars.

What does the best sewing chair cost?  

If you are seeking one of the best chairs, you may have to spend a little more money. You will be looking at a price range of around 70 to 100 dollars.

What is the correct height for a sewing table?

The function of a sewing table is as a surface for your sewing machine. The average height of a sewing table is around 28 inches.

If your sewing table is the wrong height, you will probably tilt forward too much and have to put a lot of effort into finding a comfortable position. You may also struggle to find a chair that fits under it.

A useful video for you

Want to learn more? Well here is a useful video that provides you with more useful information when looking to make a purchase.

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